Here’s a sample of nice things people say about us:

I have no reservations recommending Chuck and his company to anyone who comes looking for a quality, professional plumber or electrician. In my experience, Pruitt’s conducts themselves courteously and honestly while providing top notch work for customers in southwest Virginia. — Tom Hill, Berry’s Lumber

I find it easy to work with Chuck. His quotes are always competitive and I can trust him to understand the plan and get it done properly. A punch list for Pruitt’s is always short and hassle free. — John Haslett, GC

I can’t say enough about Chuck Pruitt and his team. They provided the best quotes and did a professional job of both the electric and the plumbing on our new home in Chilhowie, VA. Every phase of the work passed inspection with ease. Acting as my ¬†own contractor, I feel indebted to Chuck for all the great advice he provided about the process of home building, and for the phone numbers of other local tradesmen who helped me complete the job. I couldn’t have done it without Chuck. — Stephen Ashton, new home owner


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